SDMC Death Registration and Verify Certificate Online via MCDOLIR Number Search in Records, Take Printout and Download with Name South Delhi Municipal Corporation Contact Details

Mrityu Praman Patra Panjikaran Satyapan or Avedan Patra Dakshini Delhi Nagar Nigam-Mahanagar Palika मृत्यु प्रमाण पत्र सत्यापन ऑनलाइन तथा पंजीकरण, नाम खोजें व प्रिंट निकलने की प्रक्रिया दक्षिणी दिल्ली नगर निगम-महानगर पालिका

11 South Delhi Municipal Corporation: Death Registration and Verify Certificate

Now, applicant, we can provide information about death registration services which is given by south Delhi Municipal Corporation.

They can provide here facility to user for verifying their birth records and also need to take the original copy of death records with a barcode.

This barcode can help the user to get information anytime about death services. The user needs to read all information at a time of use online services.

Most of the user prefers online services it can save their time. They can provide here contact information about given department. Now follow all steps avail and apply services soon.

This verifies of death information are useful for that person who can apply for death registration services.

They can require their application slip at the time of application services. Now you need to read process shown here.

Verify Online Death Records in SDMC-South Delhi Nagar Nigam

You need to read each point avail in given section they can provide complete details for verifying their death records at the online website.

Point 1: – Applicants you need to open a website which names as south Delhi Municipal Corporation for verifying death records. After open website here now finds here online services in which birth and death registration services are avails so click here then a new page is open.

Point 2: – In a new page, you need to search here verify death registration if services are not found then check link avail here.

To Verify Death Records Online >>>> Click Here

This link can provide a page to the user so they can verify death records. You need to see the name of services avail on top of the page.

Point 3: – Start filling correct information here and check example also.

  • Fill here Registration number (example MCDOLIR – 0220 – 123456)                

Point 4: – Click on submit button

They can provide complete details to the user about their death registration you need to check here registration number show here then take print out of result avail.

After complete given process of verifying death records now a user, you need to check process of print their death records online. This is a simple process so read then apply services.

Take Online Printout of Death Certificate in South Delhi Nagar Palika

For a print of death certificate is simple and secure. This service can be required registration number if avail to the user. Now start given process avail here.

To Print Death Certificate >>>> Click Here

This link can provide a page to the user in which information needs to fill. First select here any of search method shows here.

  • >> Search by registration number / OR
  • >> Search without registration number       

After choose here any of methods they can provide an application form to the user in which details need to fill to make a tick mark on the certified button then click on submit. They can provide a death certificate to the user on their computer screen. You need to take print out of certificate with barcode avail here. It can contain all information about deceased with registration number, date of death and place of death.

If you have any of quires regarding your death certificate then read all instruction avail here and try to fill correct details.

Contact Details of SDMC Nagar Nigam Vibhag New Delhi

For South Delhi Nagar Nigam Contact Details >>>> Click Here

This link can provide contact details to the user so check here phone number, email id, and contact person name. They can provide complete information about death registration related services.

User, we can provide services for verify death certificate and download an online certificate. The link is avail here so you need to visit here and start to fill complete details. For any of help, you can check here contact details avail here.

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  1. Devender Pratap Gaur says

    I have tried so many times for the print out of death certificate on following link but site is not responding, Please guide for the same.

    Take Online Printout of Death Certificate in South Delhi Nagar Palika
    For a print of death certificate is simple and secure. This service can be required registration number if avail to the user. Now start given process avail here.

    To Print Death Certificate >>>> Click Here

    1. MCD Helpline says

      Hello Devender Ji,

      We are also trying to go through the same link but it’s not working. We had submitted the request to the department to start the portal asap. As per our knowledge, the sdmc department is working on the website application. We suggest you wait and to visit later on the same page.

      We will also notify you whenever the portal will start printout option for death certificate in south delhi mcd.

      1. S K Chandan says

        Thank you. I want to know the status of receipt no. G8-6651330 ft. 10-12-2017

        1. MCD Helpline says

          Hello SK Chandan Ji,

          The website started now. We suggest you, go through the mentioned links above in this page to track the application status and to take the printout.

          For Searching Records Copy Paste This Link into Your web browser:
          @> Use This Link =>
          @> Requirements => Registration Number (ex: MCDOLIR – 0110 – 123456)

          For Searching the Death Certificate information Copy Paste This Link into Your Web Browser:
          @> Use This Link =>
          @> Requirements: => Registration Number OR Without Registration Number
          To Search With Using Registration No:
          |-Death Reg. ID (ex: MCDOLIR – 0210 – 123456)
          |-Old Registration Number (For Events Registered Before 4th June 2010)
          |-Date of Death*
          |-Gender* Male/Female/Other
          |-Deceased Name* (Minimum of 3 Characters)
          |-Father / Husband Name (Minimum of 3 Characters)

          To Search Without Registration No:
          If the record is incorrect please use following search criteria for the searching DEATH record.
          |-Date of Death*
          |-Gender* Male/Female/Other
          |-Deceased Name* (Minimum of 3 Characters)
          |-Father / Husband Name (Minimum of 3 Characters)

          Click This Option => It is certified that I am duly qualified to obtain this death certificate as per relevant Act/ Rule being nearest relative, I am liable for consequences, In case of any in-conformity found in this regard at any stage.

          1. A sum of Rupees 11 (Certificate Charges 10-00 + Convenience Charges @ 1.8% + service tax @2.0642) will be charged for Death Certificate.
          2. Recommended To Use IE7.0 or Above / Mozilla Firefox. Browser Must Have JavaScript Enabled To Use This Site

  2. Mrs. Jaswant Kaur says

    My application for health trade license has been rejected without stating any reason? what needs to be done now. I have renewed the same license this year itself. I went to the Jal vihar office but could not find any inspector.

    1. MCD Helpline says

      Hello Jaswant Ji,

      We suggest you contact the official person of South Delhi MCD department. You can get the contact phone number through the below link.

      Here ==>

  3. Guri says

    My father expired on 24.12.17 at National Heart Institute.. Can you please guide us with the procedure of obtaining death certificate.. we have got one death certificate from the hospital..


    1. MCD Helpline says

      Hi Guri JI,

      First, you have to take all the necessary documents with the declaration of death from the respective medical institution. After collecting all papers visit the municipal corporation office and submit the application form. You will receive the death certificate within 7 to 21 days or go to the office of Sub-Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction the death took place. You can search nearest SDM office of your area in below link.

      Here ==>

  4. NAVEEN GOYAL says


  5. Amarpal says

    Hello, My father expired on 12 Dec’2017 at home. He was cremated at Punjabi bagh cremation ground. We are unable to get his death certificate till now. I have tried to search with his date of death & name but it says no record available. Pls help

  6. Satyanarayan says

    Hello I am Satyanarayan,

    I am unable to find my Uncle’s death certificate online.
    My Uncle’s death certificate Registration Number is MCDOLIR-3117-004936634, but for this number website shows “no record found”.
    But if I enter MCDOLIR-0217-004936634 number on registration number, my uncle’s death certificate appears.

    Please make the necessary correction, As I have to submit this death certificate in my office, but for this number MCDOLIR-3117-004936634 it showing no record.

    Waiting for your response.